Biogas Energy

Biogas anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment of organic matter, in the presence of different groups of microorganisms, biyometanlaştırma processes (airless decay-biological decomposition-microbial degradation-anaerobic fermentasyonun controlled process) with a gas mixture is obtained.

Biyogaza, "swamp gas", "Gas", "Gas" Fertilizer such as Anthony. Biogas; a colorless, flammable methane and carbon dioxide, the main component of a small amount of hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon monoxide is a gas that contains. Typically 60% to 40% of organic matter-biyogazadönüştürülür. CH4 and 40% to 60% of the overall composition of biogas CO2 formed and heat value from 17 – 25 MJ/m3.  The rest is no longer suitable for use as fertilizer is odorless, an katıveya liquid waste.

Organic-based waste/oxygen environment of waste (anaerobic) fermentation resulting from colorless-odorless, lighter-than-air combination of bright blue flame burning and, depending on the particular combination of organic substances; 40% – 60% methane, carbon dioxide, 30 – 70% 0 – 3 a very small amount of nitrogen with hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen is a gazkarışım.

Biogas can be used in Flex fuel system engine. Biogas can be used as motor fuel purification and compression. The on-site water, H2S and particles suspended as biogas; natural gas quality. Large-capacity plants especially corn produced Biogas silajından; natural gas purification process is given directly after the network used for the production of electricity.

Nadel Engineering, biogas energy project development in the field of installation and maintenance, to start over-solution-oriented business processes provides turn-key solutions. In this field, our company from the lowest level to the highest level, broad has a range of products and solutions.

Nadel as biogas energy systems Engineering services within the scope of our activities;

  • Field development services
  • Investment preparation of evaluation report
  • Electrical components and preparation of construction projects and files be validated
  • Execution of the electrical license application process
  • Choosing the appropriate converter system, inverter and carrier construction and procurement
  • On the basis of turnkey biogas plants construction and fitting
  • Testing and commissioning operations
  • Data tracking and imaging services
  • As a last resort's technical and commercial operation of businesses

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