Cctv Camera Systems


CCTV "Closed Circuit Television" is formed from initials. CCTV of the term Turkish "closed circuit TV monitoring system". Indoor and outdoor space, providing video surveillance and recording surveillance through closed circuit Camera control systems can be designed in parallel with the size and needs.

CCTV, collective living spaces, crowded centers and control and surveillance is required in the production line control areas at risk, cash flow is the areas, sectors that require customer satisfaction, private residences, both in need of surveillance and remote area around this chance to links to areas such as. Nadel we installed CCTV systems engineering, alarm monitoring and video recording, is used in providing security and control with the ability to track online. Security officials anytime, anywhere though, delays in the detection of danger, false alarms is not reached in time to the event area, most of the time officials makes it insufficient. But if your system and closed-circuit camera control remote can control your security guard employees and giving them the opportunity to remotely control security increase your control.

Displays the system as your needs, black and white, colorful external environment and internal environment, fixed or movable camera, monitor, video sequencer, multiplexer, divider units with infra-red illuminator spots and can consist of digital image recorder. The system to be prepared in accordance with your needs, throughout the day and night, all unwanted inputs and outputs can detect and control the images all the time or at the time of the incident, you can start recording audio. The system can function effectively and efficiently, you need to determine your requirements.

Nadel will assist engineering CCTV systems, necessary elements, fasteners and pinpointing the added opportunities will offer your services as a versatile system.

CCTV systems are service-related contact to request your services menu, you can contact us with the information.