Solar Energy

Nadel Engineering, solar energy is about to start from the field of project development, measurement, installation and maintenance-solution-oriented business processes provides turn-key solutions. In this field, our company from the lowest level to the highest level, broad has a range of products and solutions.

Nadel engineering GES (Solar System) within the scope of the service activities;

  • Field development services
  • Solar metering station establishment, data tracking, control and monitoring services
  • Solar radiation and Sun duration evaluation of data
  • Investment preparation of evaluation report
  • Electrical components and preparation of construction projects and files be validated
  • Execution of the electrical license application process
  • Carrier selection and appropriate supply of panels, inverter and
  • On the basis of turnkey solar power plants construction and fitting
  • Testing and commissioning operations
  • Data tracking and imaging services
  • As a last resort's technical and commercial operation of businesses

Solar power plant needs to do an investor seeking to establish, respectively;

  • 1620kwh/m2 within the region and 27 designated on the radiation to be determined by the value of the land; Pasture and Forest land have been identified, there will be no agricultural area, protected area, mining field or the path, such as a State-owned pipeline will not be in the project area. (Ek-1 decision Established the ENERGY MARKET REGULATORY AUTHORITY)
  • The land is suitable for the investment of the GES, the Ministry of food, agriculture and livestock, or to allow the relevant ministries will be performing
  • State land who do not want to deal with the investor, except where noted in item 1 will buy land
  • After obtaining the land, for at least six months measuring the SUN'S ÇLÇÜM SYSTEM will be established and photos of the installation, the system used in the devices, with the supporting documents, is specified in the notification of MGM in the Measurements by filling out the application form and application fee will be applied to the NSC inpatient $ 3,000 (Ek-2 MGM Measuring Communique)
  • The measurements made on the field for at least six months duration and remaining duration to confirm the end of MGM for what data to be purchased
  • EMRA ' all the paperwork completed for GES Licenses 10-14 in June, 2013 will be applied for a license to EPDK GES.M.B.H.
  • The requested documents and the full application of the metrics for the same zone if there is more than one reference, they will be sent to auction tender for file TEIAS. TEIAŞ 'S earliest 30 days after the contest to appoint a day for the end of the tender and tender by no more than the cost of companies ' licenses to be given to reducing the file will be sent back to EMRA or (additional-Decrement Contest arrangement)
  • GES license the company; Power plant project by preparing the EMRA or after approval of the project will offer the construction of the power plant is determined to be completed. Tamamlanın will be activated after the approval of the project power plant

Nadel Engineering, all these operations and any other operations that need to be done for the license on behalf of the investors in full. GES contact for your request about our solutions service menu, you can contact us with the information.

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