Construction Contracting

Nadel Engineering, construction and contracting services; until the construction phase of project design, material selection and application without compromising quality. Our company is also, professional staff, its construction of your site. This topic always unconditional customer satisfaction is kept at the forefront.

  • Both the official and private sector construction Commitment: both investor organizations commissioned by the various procedures in project-based procurement, construction services jobs available for download.
  • Project Construction Commitment: according to Investor organizations and licensing operations investment field study, project and construction of the alternative favored by investors, along with the installation process include everything.
  • Turn-key Construction feasibility studies of the investment in question, with this Commitment: design, civil works, plus the equipment and furnishing, including all kinds of engineering together with the commissioning and operation of the installation service.

Construction contact for your request about our solutions service menu, you can contact us with the information.

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