Lightning Rod Installation

Escape from the danger of the person, cloud, lightning, Earth is the discharge event between. Positive and negative charge due to the high intensity of the electrical field differences occurs and when it comes to electrical discharge occurs to the point of disintegration. This occurs in the form of discharge lightning between the cloud.

Lightning and other natural events, such as methods of protection accorded to minimize risk of right indirebildiğimiz is a natural phenomenon. Lightning protection methods with goods and losses reduced. Lightning protection methods, external and internal lightning lightning consists of a system. Against the effects of lightning systems directly outside your building and life safety, protecting your system. Active lightning, external lightning system. Active lightning from the place where the Assembly of a specific protection can protect the remaining area and in the diameter structures. Ion current for my transmission reaches the ground through active lightning. The ban on active lightning of radioactive lightning rods are widespread use around the world. Is the most important factor in Active lightning protection RADIUS. According to French Standard NFC 17-102 in the level is determined by the RADIUS appropriate protection according to the account. Also this protection depends on the test result of the product when firing RADIUS superiority.

Active lightning consists of basic plumbing 3 phase. These are; Active lightning conductor and grounding, landing the title. Needs to be done in accordance with the installation of lightning protection and lightning protection is a major issue that needs attention. Lightning protection installations must be made every year of care. Grounding resistance should be measured every year and values must be provided in the specification. Lightning protection installation of lightning hit is accepted, it must be eliminated if the installation should be checked and disorder.

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