Project Preparation

Nadel as electrical installation low voltage and high voltage Engineering projects are prepared in accordance with the applicable regulations of experienced staff.

In General, the project phases are as follows:

a proposal report to be projected: in General, the structure) or the facility will provide business functions by selecting alternative solutions concerning the system in detail presented a report.

b) preliminary design: appropriate distribution system Business functions on the project dashboard layout, estimated power and lighting calculations and consists of single-line diagrams with the report.

c) final design: the front of the facility in the project has been accepted as qualified to systems that describe how to do detailed description, drawings, technical specifications, and is composed of complementary documents with the specification.

d) detailed design: (Making drawings and accounts) before starting the construction of the facility, according to the final approved project, the manufacturer of the selected device type and measure projects are made using.

d) Last State (done) Project: manufacturing and Assembly was completed when the stage of commissioning and electrical are completed that indicates the status of the project. This project implementation project (construction drawings and accounts) are prepared on the basis of. Certain changes made in the project area or power must not exceed 20%.

e) Renovation Project: approved application Facility project is more than 20% in the event of a field or power exchange is made.

f) details: when elements of the special certificate or to do with each other to express interest to plan comprehensive, sections, profiles were prepared in the form of large-scale illustrations.

h) Arranging Service Tender File and Discovery-Specification work from the project were removed and the discovery of the manufacturing and feature the creation of technical and administrative specifications, evaluation of bids received and contracts covers their work needs to be done during employer Advisory.

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Close-up of blueprints with sketch of project on workplace and two pencils