Wind Energy

Wind energy, wind is with air flow that make up the movement (kinetic) energy. A part of this energy can be converted to mechanical or electrical energy that are useful.

The wind is based on the ancient periods begin attempting to harness the power of. Wind power as the first form of benefit from sailing ships and windmills. Later, grinding grain, pumping water, wind power for tree cutting jobs from. Today, it is used to produce more power.

Fossil, nuclear, and other harmful gases released into the atmosphere, and the methods that pollutes the air and water, gases. Wind energy must be obtained if none of these harmful gases into the atmosphere during the Saho, so wind power is a clean energy, is the only pollution caused by noise. On the way back from fans of the nowadays greatly reduced.

  • Wind energy Uses the main
  • Houses
  • Businesses
  • Parks, gardens and street lighting.
  • Signalization
  • Irrigation systems.
  • Caravan, boat and mobile stations.
  • Electric power might need every where (the wind measurements is not advisable in places that are not the appropriate report)

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Green renewable energy concept - wind generator turbines in sky