Earthing Measurements

Earthing measurement measurement of the value of a building is the name of the process for grounding. As a result of this process is a grounding report is prepared. He studied electrical engineering and measurement of grounding grounding is a study carried out by people with regard to certificate.

Grounding the grounding measuring equipment calibrated measurements. The following are basic devices used for the measurement of grounding: according to the type of reading to do, MAG or magneto turned out without equipment (ground resistance tester) is used. Grounding is accomplished through two methods in your own measurements. The first of these is the normal measuring. And the other is a streamlined method of measurement.

Earthing measurement takes place in the following phase in General: here is the most basic concept of grounding resistance encountered. Already at this point is also measured earthing resistance. Earthing resistance, electric current is passing fluidity. Terry is a conductor. He belongs to a resistance coefficient. Here is the resistance value measured with the device is this meger. Varies according to the location of the specific resistance of the soil. For example while the stony swamp environment 30 floor 3000 seats up to that figure. The lower the value of the land the system is so healthy.

Earthing measurement most commonly known method by 3 different point of copper with gravel pile. I mean 2 piled, 3 electrodes in the ground as problu 5 to 10 meters deep in a format as possible. Connects to a cable to the grounding bar and earthing. Electrode electrode potential and connects to a cable to the current. This made during the process will be easier if the work environment is moist and grounding resistance will be low. Also requested is already resistance low. Where to get healthy before the measurement result exceeds stakes after measuring stuck at least several days. Otherwise you will not be able to get healthy results and grounding resistance. Measuring inside grounding resistor Tester (it turns out) stage, ground echelons. And the measurement is made. Value 10 V low. If there's a serious problem. This problem can be from the device in the electrical installation of the building grounding, there might be a problem, too. In this case the device must be tested if there is no problem on the device should be disposed of the building's wiring.

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