Fire Systems

Equipment for fire-fighting and fire-extinguishing systems you will prevent very large fires, in the areas of daily use very simple usage characteristics. We considered necessary with specially crafted operating instructions places in a very simple way is designed for you to use. Fire extinguishing systems and fire protection products fire's greatest enemies. Fire fighting equipment, when used correctly, provides a results-oriented solution. Therefore, we are not experiencing any problem in case of fire for fire extinguishing systems and fire-fighting equipment associated with the use of cross training is a matter of the utmost importance.

Nadel as electronic and mechanical engineering, fire alarms and systems we provide the installation of işletmelerinizde! Nadel, international appeal software sector with approval, installation and maintenance of fire-fighting systems that perform their work within industry continues to work with experienced staff. Nadel Engineering active and passive fire protection systems and product design, engineering services, custom software imported making hydraulic accounts with certified products, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance services. Our company's concept, especially industrial fire fighting solutions to provide the most advanced technology to focus on, according to standards of the sector and also to design and installation of fire extinguishing systems, according to the risk they have to design, is to supply certified products.

Our fire alarm systems had used product range types are as follows;

  • FM200 gas fire-extinguishing systems
  • FE25 gas fire-extinguishing systems
  • ARGON and PROINERT gas fire-extinguishing systems
  • CO2 gas fire extinguishing systems
  • NOVEC 1230 gas fire-extinguishing systems
  • Micro-gas fire suppression
  • Sprinkler fire-fighting
  • Fixed and portable fire pumps
  • Hydrants fire cabinets
  • Water Mist fire extinguishing
  • Foam fire-fighting foam concentrates
  • Wet and dry dusty fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Flyer fire and gas extinguishing
  • Marine industry-specific pump and fire detection and fire fighting
  • Fire doors
  • Fire and smoke curtains
  • Roof smoke covers

Fire alarm systems are service-related contact to request your services menu, you can contact us with the information.

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