Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

  • Electricity at the lowest possible cost and construction engineering services to our clients on time delivery,
  • We are committed with quality materials and experienced personnel in all business, by serving on the expectations of the customers the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • All our quality management system in accordance with the laws, regulations and standards,
  • Service and product quality to ensure continuity with the aim of changing and evolving customer expectations and meet to identify fully and correctly,
  • The main principle in all activities to make the truth the first time and continuous improvement to enhance the competitiveness of the company, with
  • Continuous improvement for employees, services or products that satisfy customer expectations, complete the most effective way to give continuous training to be performed,
  • Together with suppliers to increase the quality Awareness co-ordinated study courses;
  • Gerçekleştireceğimiz are what we're going to work to do before all field and process risk analysis of occupational health, safety and environmental requirements of all of our employees and third parties by taking into account.

Our vision

  • The principle of quality first service work environment, employee and customer happy, trust is a family with a collection of supplier and sub-contractor who is conscious, first national and then an international company identity to have.

Our mission

  • High quality of service to have the employees happy top priority with the awareness, education and social needs of our staff fulfill,
  • Sharing the risks with us, offering a seamless service and supply us suppliers in a family atmosphere,
  • We the Sorumluluğumuzda share jobs, when we took our responsibilities the main principles of the company General contractor with lower quality to motivate, educate and in cases
  • Before the service, then the smallest individuals the discourse won senior management to become a part of life as,
  • Customer-focused business development always update and implement the plans,
  • To make a quality work place culture, quality,
  • New job opportunities and individual initiatives related to support business development,
  • Apart from these, in the past, taking a sample from successful work better and made beautiful.

Our responsibilities

  • Nadel Engineering, which has carried out activities in accordance with ethical values in each field, and you'd like to follow all legal and ethical requirements one is determined to do better. In line with the goal of being a corporate brand, for a sustainable living mainly in environmental values, moral and legal responsibilities as corporate and individual must comply with and do not show tolerance in this regard.
  • All fields of activity in mission initiative no matter what team we work with our friend's embrace the spirit of being a team and individual facilities for the development of the creation, we believe that the total quality, indispensable.
  • Employees, responsible job, having to be able to represent properly the Nadel Engineering laws, internal rules and job regulations and works to develop the community in which they reside.
  • Company managers, personal reliability and transparency in decision-making responsible contributes actively to the culture.
  • Nadel employees at all levels of Engineering, is leading approach of ethical values, ethics and business results in no time at all to the front of the compliance to the quality policy strives to exceed.


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